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Top Tips For Running a Successful Lowes Workplace


In this article we look at how to run a successful Lowes workplace. There is an undeniable "Weirdness" to running a warehouse or store, which is why we have decided to create a series of articles specifically on our experiences running a small business in this industry. Many people believe that owning your own business will be a nightmare and an experience that you will never want to have but we have found that running your own business is the most rewarding experience for most people.

The biggest obstacle for most companies, is having enough workers. Having good workers can make or break your business so we have to be sure that we are properly managing our staff as well as finding out what the best way is to do this. A common problem that many businesses face is being too strict with their rules and regulations. Many employees who are trying to be more organized can quickly become confused by the various rules and regulations that they must follow. With the right approach, we can eliminate the complications that can cause a company to fail.

The number one issue that most businesses face with is employee theft. Having trained theft prevention staff can go a long way to reducing the amount of theft that takes place in the workplace. Having an audit performed will reveal where some of the issues are occurring so that they can be taken care of quickly. If the audit does expose the theft problems, we can then implement new policies to stop the thieves before it gets out of control.

We are all aware of the importance of safety and security in the workplace. This goes without saying. Having a strong secure structure for your staff is a great idea so that they know that if there is a burglary or other type of incident they will be protected. It is often the case that the construction of a building can actually create the right atmosphere for someone to steal something so it is worth investing in a high quality security guard.

We know that employee morale can affect the success of any business so it is worth investing time to talk to your current employees and finding out what they are feeling. Sometimes a simple meeting with the management can help to stir up feelings within the employees about the work environment. Many times the workers will benefit from being given the opportunity to air their views.

If you have employees that are consistently having issues with regards to pay or poor working conditions, talk to the management about setting up a meeting with them. They may be willing to do some things to improve the situation. You don't have to offer anything specific but you might be surprised at how listening will encourage positive change within the workforce.

Have regular team building days where everyone can participate. Having an open forum where all workers can air their views, concerns and complaints are the best way to improve conditions. It is amazing how much better a place can operate when everyone is free to express their thoughts and ideas. Management may need to step in occasionally to ensure things remain on track, but they will find it very beneficial to have regular team building days to spark the imagination and discussion within the workplace.

Finally, have a look at your corporate credit cards. Do you keep them all in one place or are they scattered all over the place? Are there multiple cards for different accounts? If you have a number of different cards, one is probably lost or misplaced. If you have a central location for the corporate credit cards, it makes it much easier for you to keep an eye on them and control who has access to which accounts.


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