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How to Choose the Best Workplace Wellness Programs

The best workplace wellness programs are ones that motivate, engage, and support the people who perform the job you need for it to be successful. Too often, though, these wellness programs are put on the cutting room floor, because they are deemed unnecessary. Yet the "health first" culture that pervades our society has convinced us that we need to test our health to the point of extreme. It's a mindset that should be changed. When you work in a health-first environment, you know that your health is your number one asset, and your job's success is based on your ability to keep it that way.

Your company needs to have the best workplace wellness programs possible in order to remain competitive in today's ever-changing business climate. The days of putting a premium on employee well-being are over. It's time to get serious about making a difference in your employees' lives, and how their health impacts your business.

To find the best workplace wellness programs, consider your environment. The environment is not the same everywhere. Some places are more conducive to fitness or nutrition programs than others, and there is always a variation in the type of activities that employees are encouraged to do. Workplace gyms, for example, might not be the best place for yoga or Pilates classes.

Find the best match for your company. In addition to a general wellness program, consider a fitness or nutrition one. Make sure that any such program is integrated into the overall corporate wellness strategy. After all, the wellness program isn't the first thing that an employer will be offering to their employees. A good fitness and nutrition program can be just as valuable as any other workplace wellness option. And you don't necessarily have to be tied to one activity.

When searching for the best workplace wellness programs, consider your employees. Many companies offer their workers nutritional or fitness programs, but only a few go further and include yoga or meditation as part of the overall wellness initiative. This means that if you want your fitness or nutrition program to be successful, you need to make sure that your employees will actually be interested in it.

Consider the needs of your employees. While wellness programs can be beneficial to everyone, some will have more pressing health issues than others. If your workforce has a heart disease or high blood pressure, yoga might not be the best choice. But if they are healthy and fit overall, you can consider other wellness programs such as Pilates or Tai Chi, which tend to be quite fun and motivating.

Make sure that your employees understand the value of having a wellness program. If you provide information about it periodically throughout the year, talk to them about what their experiences have been. Consider talking to some of your employees who aren't quite in a health situation but may suffer from depression or another emotional problem. These individuals may have an easier time understanding how important it is to maintain a healthy body, mind, and spirit through regular exercise. You may also find that the well-trained yoga and meditation instructors can give your employees' tips on how to better manage their stress levels at work.

You need to keep your wellness initiatives current. There is no way that you can maintain high quality physical fitness or exercise without making some changes to your lifestyle as well. If you're used to a sedentary lifestyle, you may need to take a second vacation or even a short road trip every couple of weeks. On the other hand, if you've been living an active life, you may have difficulty maintaining the same level of fitness. Consider rotating your employees so that some get regular exercise and others don't. In either case, make sure that they know that a wellness program is a good way to stay fit and healthy.


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