Sea Glass

Polished by time??

"Sea glass and beach glass are naturally weathered pieces of glass, which often have the appearance of tumbled stones. "Sea glass" is physically and chemically weathered glass found on beaches along bodies of salt water. Sea glass begins as normal shards of broken glass that are then persistently tumbled and ground until the sharp edges are smoothed and rounded. In this process, the glass loses its slick surface but gains a frosted appearance over many years. These weathering processes produce natural frosted glass. Sea glass takes 20 to 40 years, and sometimes as much as 100 to 200 years, to acquire its characteristic texture and shape." -- wikipedia "sea glass"

So what does being polished by time have to do with corporate musings? In order to answer that question, I would like to start with the definition of what "polished" means. If you think of a piece of sea glass that is washed by sand over time and polished - you will understand what my intention is with this blog. Polishing is accomplished by making something smooth as a result of being rubbed. It's the things in day-to-day life that "rub" and over time polish. 

It's a place for me to comment on the current state of work in this world. I think I have a lot to say about this - and I am glad that you have come to this site to join me. I cover any topics which deal with the work world, including but not limited to; workplace performance, self-management, culture in the workplace, workplace equity, employee wellness, communication, diversity, workplace culture, work environments, virtual work, leadership, and change in the workplace, and many many more topics. Basically, if it affects the world of work, then you can read about it on my blog. 

I have over twenty years of experience in the corporate world. I want to offer my unique perspectives, and my unique view on the world of work today. I like to offer you a singular voice dealing with the world of work and productivity. 

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